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For health reasons the clinic will be closed.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am a GP and a family doctor. I believe that good quality work cannot be achieved by rushing, so I work meticulously and take my time with patients.  Despite enormous technical advances, it is still of utmost importance to do a precise clinical examination in the GP’s office.  This will often save unnecessary tests and expense. In my opinion, the work of a family doctor is very important.  It is he or she that knows the patient best, sometimes having known the patient from when they were a baby.  This helps both parties and improves the quality of the care.

A GP is the ideal person to look after the global treatment plan of the patient – co-ordinating the different specialists and their treatments.  I keep my knowledge base up-to-date by visiting patients in some of the local hospitals and discussing their cases with the specialists.  I feel a GP should have some knowledge of almost everything.

I consider the patient as a psychosomatic entity, and I encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle, informing them of the importance of healthy food and of exercise, as well as how to use the body correctly.  I recommend certain dietary supplements and try to recommend treatments which are as natural and holistic as possible, with a minimum of secondary effects and with a minimum of medication.

I specialize in muscle- and joint-pain.  The current name for these pains is ‘myofascial’ pain.  I have been treating this type of pain for over 35 years with a special combination treatment which I have developed:  This method is a mixture of acupuncture, infiltrations, osteopathy (joint manipulation), various massage techniques, biofeedback, deep relaxation and ergonomy