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I first studied in Finland at the University of Helsinki and graduated as MD in 1973. Before graduating, I had already worked in different locum jobs both at hospitals and at health centres. Due to the serious illness of my daughter, we moved to Tenerife, where I learned Spanish and passed the Spanish medical exams at the University of La Laguna in 1976.

In addition to my work as general practitioner, I began quite early to take an interest in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. These pains are the most common pains that are brought to a GP’s office. I found my university education very deficient in this field, so I engaged in further studies.

Already in 1969 I had received a grant to study with Dr. Henryk Seyffarth, a Norwegian neurologist. He had developed a treatment method, which used diluted local anaesthetic infiltrations into the painful sites, which at the time were called “myosis”. (The therapy is a kind of modification of the Neural Therapy of Dr. Huneke.) In addition, Dr. Seyffarth was a pioneer in ergonomics and correct posture. More or less at this time I also began to realize the importance of different therapeutic massage techniques, which I also started to study.

In 1973, Dr. Kari Krohn, who treated my daughter at that time, introduced me to acupuncture. I then travelled to London and did a course with Dr. Felix Man. In 1976 I moved to Oslo - partly because my Spanish work permit was still pending and I needed to make a living, and partly because there I was able to combine work with study. I was able to study “Orthopedic Manual Therapy” (OMT) at Oslo University. I felt that these chiropractic skills were very important for me as an important component of the treatment arsenal. Through a physiotherapist in Oslo I also became acquainted with a more unusual massage technique called connective tissue massage.

At last my work permit came through, and in the year 1978 I moved to Fuengirola and started my private practice. By this time, my treatment method for musculoskeletal pain was quite complete.

In the early 90’s I visited the Finnish Rheumatology Union’s rehab clinic several times to lecture and demonstrate my treatment method. I also treated pain patients during two summers at the Porvoo rheumatology pain clinic. Here in Spain I give occasional lectures and write articles. I have also been on a health programme on local TV (Canal Malaga) several times explaining my treatment method.

I have always been curious, and have explored all kinds of treatment methods, from rehabilitation treatment devices to yoga, homeopathy, vitamin and mineral analysis, iris diagnostics, healing, and even miracle cures. I have also studied psychosomatic medicine and can use hypnosis when needed. I give these examples in order to show that I have tried to get acquainted with diseases from many different points of view. Along my journey I have seen many strange things, which defy scientific explanation and I have tried to continue to keep an open mind. I also try to keep myself up to date with scientific medical developments and I pay a weekly visit to a hospital where, together with different specialists, I get to look at and discuss patients and participate in further education sessions.

For me, my work is my hobby, and it continues to interest and challenge me.